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[Ghana Music] Castro & Asamoah Gyan Are Back Again To Do The Dance

Updated: February 2, 2011

Castro – Do The Dance (Feat. Baby Jet (Asamoah Gyan & K2) (Prod. By Dr. Ray & Cash 2) (mp3)


Castro – About To Fly (Prod. By Dr. Ray & Cash 2) (mp3)


Daakye Mpaninfour – As I Dey See You (Remix) (Feat. Kofi Nti & Castro) (mp3)


Tiffany – Last One (Feat. Castro) (Prod. By K. Wa) (mp3)


Pages – Get Down (Feat. Screwface) (Prod. By Appiatus) (mp3)


T-Wizzle – Akum Baby (Remix) (Feat. Teeno & Quata) (mp3)


Buky Core – Pussy Cat (Prod. By K. Wa) (mp3)


Cash 2 – True Love (Feat. Teeno & Amslin) (Prod. By Dr. Ray & Cash 2) (mp3)


Double – Walai Talai (mp3)


Echo – Frukuma (Prod. By Ephraim) (mp3)


Ephraim – Make You Mine (mp3)


Jestoo – Bra Yen Sa (Feat. S.K. Blinckz) (Prod. By Dr. Ray & Cash 2) (mp3)



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