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[Ghana Music] 2 New D-Black x Efya True Love, E.L., Scientifc, Yaa Pono & More

Updated: May 31, 2011

D-Black – True Love (Feat. Efya) (mp3)


D-Black – Still (Feat. Sante) (mp3)


E.L. – Logologo (Feat. Scientifc & D-Black) (mp3)


Gemini – Dat Girl (Feat. JaySo & Lil’ Shaker) (mp3)


K-Dizzle – You Like (Wope Paa) (mp3)


Klu Monsta – Last Day (BiG Sean Cover) (mp3)


Ko-Jo – Aden (The Pain) (mp3)


Lyrix – Maamele (mp3)


Pappy Kojo – Hear Me Out (Feat. Klu Monsta & Ko-Jo) (mp3)


Scientific – Gossip (Freestyle) (mp3)


Yaa Pono – Hustle (Prod. By Nii-The King Of Accra) (mp3)



  1. kojo says:

    i need asem’s yaa boadiwaa track seriously and urgently!!!

  2. fab-muller says:

    D Blak i see all the masonic signs ya album cover ………………………

  3. nana says:

    R2BEES-agyeiiiii hot track

  4. nana says:

    R2BEES-agyeeiii hot track mehn…

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