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[Featured] Fuse ODG – Azonto (Feat. Tiffany) (Prod. By Kill Beatz)

Updated: November 3, 2011

This song has been making lots of noise on my twitter TL. I decided to listen and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Nice piece from the London bloke “Fuse ODG”. The Azonto craze is getting out of hands and the dance is off the hook which is danced everywhere even in churches. It’s the biggest Gh “movement” I’ve ever seen since. The song features the “Fake London Girl” singer Tiffany and was produced by Kill Beatz. Now let’s get our Azonto’s on and dance to this hot track.


Fuse ODG – Azonto (Feat. Tiffany) (Prod. By Kill Beatz)



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  3. [...] fuse came through from London and crushed the buildings now  T.O. aka. Mr. Ghana-Germany & Stunna Kid trying to follow suit. Apparently this joint is really making headways in Germany among the Ghanaian community there. If you ask me this is an azonto miss but still make ya enjoy saa!! Dont forget about the azonto mix II which dropped yesterday! [...]

  4. Kolme Janie Cool-Jay says:

    De trakk is damn sick! Me L)))))v..

  5. [...] Download FuseODG feat. Tiffany ‘ Azonto’ HERE! [...]

  6. Elton says:

    chaley i really need the lyrics of the song……how do i get it..

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